My 2nd Story Bird

A few weeks ago my whole class wrote Story Birds with Mrs.McKenzie’s class (they live in New Zealand).
Each of us got a partner from their class, I had 2 partners their names were Dylen and Kayden. And if you are wondering how we wrote a Story Birds with a class in New Zealand this is how, we sent the Story Birds Back and forth.
Now you must be wanting to see the story so here it is.

The Busy City on Storybird

Me Reading Captain Underpants

This is me reading Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants and I am reading page 76 and 77. I am becoming a better reader each day. Here is one of the strategies I use to become a better reader, Chuncking a word if it does not make sense. I hope that you notice that I have added as much expression as I could. Now here is me reading Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants.

Art Through The Weeks

On every Friday we do art. We have done it for weeks and weeks. I have learned to make tints and shades using black and white. I’ve also learned how to mix colours and make new colours.
Here’s a slide show of my art.

Science Fair Fun

Today was science fair I had a lot of  ….FUN FUN FUN…..  My project is call string phone but it had 3 cups.   Have you ever had science fair?  Science fair is when everyone  does a science project and tells about it. This is how you make the srting phone with 3 cups.

# 1. Cut 2 pairs of three meter string.

# 2. Stick the kite string through the sewing needle
and tie a knot on the end of the string then push it
from the inside of the yogurt container to the outside.

# 3. Now stick the needle though the other container
from the outside to the inside and tie a knot.

# 4. Take the other piece of string and stick it in the
sewing needle tie a knot at the end of it and push it
from the inside to the outside now tie it to the other

# 5. Test it.

And that’s how you make it, enjoy it.


Today John, Alex, and Anthony come to our school (They are Infinitus.) They played,

#1. The 20’th Cencherwey Fox Theme

#2. Mario

#3. Charlie Brown

#4. Star Wars

#5. Misson Imposable 

#6. Dora

#7. Sponge Bob Square Pants

#8. Indiana Jones

#9 Smoke On The Water

#10. Pokemon

And that’s all I can remember. Here is the a video of them playing.

Do the songs sound famililer?

An Awesome Spring Break

On spring break I went to Salt Sping  Island.  It’s Wonderful there. There is a place there called Ganges too.  Have you ever heard the name Ganges?  Here are some things you may see there in the Ganges:

#1. A  ferry that takes you to Victoria.

#2. A restaurant called Ganges Coffee.

#3. Another restaurant Called Bob’s Buns.

And so much that I can’t remember all of it, sorry I can’t tell you more I saw because I can’t  remember it all . 🙁 But! But I can tell you this, me and my sister went on the trampoline.  The place we were staying had a trampoline. I sure hope you can see  Salt Spring island  some day.

Eagle Article February

Gung Hay Fat Choy!
We celebrated Chinese New Year on Wednesday, February 9th by having a stir fry lunch. We had to bring a bowl, but some of us didn’t so they got some from the kitchen. Here are some of the things we ate:
#1. Dragon Fruit
#2. Cookies
#3. Oranges
Have you ever had a stir fry?

Going To Science world

I went to science world when I was at Po Co it was so so so so so much wait it was more then just fun it was … FANTASTIC!!!! When I was there I went to Body Worlds. Here are 3 things I saw.

#1 . A brain.

#2 . All the blood veins of a rabbit and goat.

#3 . A Miner’s lungs their really black.

Have you bin to Science World? 🙂